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Present : NFT’s or Non Fungible Token is an unexplored territory and comes up in every conversation. 

In every get together people connect crypto, blockchain, bitcoin ,NFT, I personally had no clarity on what it meant or its significance.

Never one to shy away from technology I keep following the news and this semester started the warm-up session with this article on NFT. While I understood the concept, the intangible part was beyond the comprehension of my minuscule brain – the money and the asset.

1⃣ The news about Dubai Police to be the first Government entity to release NFT’s caught me by surprise ?.

2⃣ The next came the Buy digital versions of Arabian Horses as NFT’s with a lot of scope in racing and gaming.

Digital version of Arabian horses as NFTs

3⃣ The reason this post came about is the news, “Emirates to Launch NFT’s”. Now I had bells ?  and sirens ? ringing in my brain ? and suddenly there is clarity ?️

Emirates Launches NFTs

Hang in with me and let us visit the past for a while.

????????? ?

Past : It was the month of July when we booked our tickets to travel to The USA for our annual family vacation for that year.

The lowest fares were for 1st August so went ahead and booked the tickets to New York JFK. It was my little one’s first visit hence there was a lot of excitement with shopping, packing and planning the internal itinerary to meet our family and friends dispersed in various locations( the major part of the family there is his and the friends are mine ).

When my husband received a phone call from Emirates confirming our travel plans without a second thought he said ‘yes’ The next part of the call puzzled him as the caller wanted to know if it was ok to video record us on board and later to be shared on media and we still didn’t think much of the call. He gave a quick affirmation on our behalf and shared this with me.

While we were befuddled by the call (those were early days and phone spams were not popular),it dawned on us much later that the flight was inaugural A380 flight to the USA and we were to be a part of it. The thought of traveling a double decker flight added to the excitement of the trip. We were also asked to arrive earlier than normal check in hours. Prompt on D day the family all jazzed up in our travel gear were welcomed by the special staff near the boarding gate and each one of us was handed over some special gifts in a  special bag ,which included some chocolate , an airplane model and a certificate. That day amongst all the things the certificate was the most unexciting, however we did keep it safely as you can see. It was a pity we were not allowed to see the upper deck and one could only view it through the promo running continuously. In our excitement or in the catering excitement the airlines forgot our Vegetarian meal and we made do with some food provided which was ok. Just before landing there was an announcement that the ground crew would welcome the flight with water cannons? and we should enjoy as it was a special occasion and not a safety issue.

With adrenaline rushing through us, each part of that journey is etched in our minds.

Did I mention the year was 2008?

  ?????? : Reverting to the earlier reference to the newspaper post “Emirates to Launch NFT’s”,and connecting it with the past, I mentioned on the day of our exciting travel journey, the most unexciting gift was the certificate in our goody bag ? given to us by Emirates.

A 380 Cettificate
Inaugural Flight

Now things can change if this certificate  issued in present times is NFT in digital domain and there can be a block chain attached to it  the value of that would really go up . 

I am beginning to get an idea?now on what I can do with NFT’s.

 Next time you are visiting me be ready to sit in front of my Tangible television to see my beautiful house ? in Hawaii ? in Metaverse, see my beautiful handloom saree ? still on the loom , my design with limited edition released on NFT’s , the painting ? which I always wanted to own as my prime asset , nah, not the Mona Lisa, (some claim it is her baby in fact), and the food, oh ! don’t worry I will serve you tangible food? which you can actually eat and fill up your stomach.

Until I get my accounts sorted to pay and buy let me dream on……



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