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Aqua de Fonte

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Aqua de Fonte: providing quality, taste and consistency

Taste life in every drop, draws parallels between a single drop of water and a moment

Launched in 2017, Aqua de Fonte is a Dubai-based energetic and youthful brand aimed at the urban middle class. Aqua de Fonte bottled water has created a niche for itself and won customer loyalty primarily because of its quality, taste, consistency and smart packaging.

The facility leverages state-of-the-art technology to produce an output of 30,000 bottles per hour. Aqua de Fonte is planning to capitalise on this top-level execution to grow in the food and beverage industry. In the last four years, with an expanded distribution and logistics network, they have witnessed tremendous growth across all the channels.

Aqua de Fonte source their water from Dewa – Dubai Electricity and Water Authority – and the process starts with raw water, which goes through various filtrations and treatment units such as RO and UV, then it is dosed with minerals before it goes into bottle filling. The water has a distinctive natural taste which gives a refreshing feeling to the consumer.

Aqua de Fonte has had an impressive start – growing by over 100 per cent since the launch in 2017 – and has featured in numerous publications as well as achieving Superbrand status in 2021. The brand is proud to have also achieved ISO 22000:2018.

Aqua De Fonte recently launched its new line of soft facial tissues and wet wipes, one of its kind in the UAE. The facial tissues and wet wipes with coconut and aloe vera extracts aim to tap the significant increase in demand for hygiene accessories in these pandemic times.

In their aim towards sustainability and taking care of the environment, Aqua De Fonte have teamed up with DGrade to collect plastic bottles and turn them into flakes and fibres. These flakes and fibres are turned into yarn to create several items such as t-shirts, blankets & masks.

Aqua de Fonte is also planning to produce glass bottles as a step towards sustainability.

Aqua de Fonte has recently undergone a brand makeover, under the visionary leadership of its MD Yogesh Valaulikar. The new branding perfectly encapsulates honesty, transparency, vibrancy, and youthfulness, the brand’s promise.

The new tagline, “taste life in every drop,” draws parallels between a single drop of water and a single moment in life.

We saw an opportunity in positioning ourselves as a modern refreshing brand with high levels of brand awareness and appeal. Our strategy to position Aqua de Fonte as a youthful and energetic brand has created a key differentiator in the market that attracts customer attention. Aggressive brand promotion certainly helps create a unique brand identity.” says Yogesh Valaulikar

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