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Are you ‘Engaging with your audience in a Hybrid Environment ?’

Event in Astrolabs

The topic I chose was ‘Engaging with your audience in a Hybrid Environment’.

It was Thanks to Kishore Dharmarajan I was invited to speak in a session in AstroLabs on 30.06.2022.

The event was perfect for me to demonstrate the power of using tools in a hybrid environment, because we had a live audience and an audience in the Facebook group Digital Marketing Dubai for which Kishore is the admin and right now it has more than 50,000 members.

Though I had many tools up my sleeve the time constraint made me favour exhibiting a demo using Mentimeter.

One can argue till the end of the Earth that it is kiddish, not required and really there is no time for these in serious discussions.
Let us address these:

🎠 We never tire of saying there is a child inside each one of us, then why not let that child out.
🎠 Don’t we ask people how they are when we meet them, then why not in a Hybrid environment too.
🎠Major challenge with a Hybrid environment is the set of people in person feel ignored and the set of people online feel ignored. Each set thinks the others are getting more attention. This is a perfect common ground.
🎠 The anonymity in the response helps people voice their thought without overthinking.
🎠Meetings don’t have to be serious and one can have fun while working too.

🎠If you look carefully at the word cloud image ,you will see there is word ‘tense’, now if this was my team member I would definitely like to let my team know that I am there for you and we are all having tense moments , just to make the person feel a part of the team as well to understand the mindset.

🎠The next slide indicates that most engagement happens through chat, followed by emojis and polls. You can choose a more difficult question on what strategy to choose short term and what to choose long term or have a fun question asking weekend plans.
🎠 The bottom number on the right side of the slide will indicate how many participated thereby keeping track of engagement levels and you can encourage the audience to be interactive.

πŸ‘‰ The number of slides in free version of Mentimeter can be limited but let that not hold you back from trying it.
πŸ‘‰ The results can be downloaded and added to your next PowerPoint presentation or as addendum to your repost.

πŸ‘‰ It does not make a difference how small or big your team is, the important thing is you are trying to give a πŸ—£ voice to your team 🀝.

πŸ‘‰ A true leader works best in a team 🀝.

πŸ‘‰ Ask your team members to contact me and I can share more such tools of , ‘Engaging with your audience in a Hybrid Environment’.

Group Picture at the Astrolabs Event on 30.06.2022

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