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Are you ready for change ?

Book by John Kotter Our Iceberg is Melting

Change is Constant. Are you ready for it?

This book has been on my bookshelf for more than 12 years.
I picked it up in some airport.
It always peeped at me and at some point I must have tried to read it as well and then left it.

Last night I picked it up and read the 130+ pages in one sitting.

I laughed out loud, read some lines again, read a few lines aloud and then some in a loud whisper.

The important thing is I was ready to read it. 🤓

I could relate to people around me. 😎

I could locate myself in the characters (No I am not revealing who I thought I was ? 😂)
My take aways :

👉Change is constant
👉We need to keep an open mindset for adapting
👉We need to look deeper than surface levels
👉 We need to acknowledge the warning signs
👉 We need to warn others and share our theories
👉We will always be surrounded by a few nay-sayers
👉Using our resources is important
👉Delegating is important
👉Encouraging and guiding young talent is important
👉Scouting for new work areas is important
👉 Team work, works 🤝

👉It does not matter what position you hold when necessary, be ready to do the ground work.

👉Share your vision
👉Create a culture around quick adaptation and flexibility
👉Share your story
👉 Be the Change you want to see

Read the book when ready and share your takeaways and tag me in them.


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