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Chai Karak with Shambavi-Tea Brands available in the UAE

Tea brands in the UAE

Clues will be shared Live on Mentza on 21.07.2022 at 1210 UAE Time.

Chai Karak with Shambavi

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You can now check the clues and the solutions here.

1 (6 ) Popularly British but owned by Indian company.
5 (4,5) this tea is more popular as Tea Leaves and for its masala taste. (The second half of the brand is a goat in Hindi- If you are really struggling)
7 (6) Tea which is most popular in cafes and cafeterias in the UAE and almost generic name for tea .
9 (5) Tea is handpicked from the finest tea gardens of India, Kenya, and China but the name sounds like second half of the name of a West African country
10 (6) The brand is also referred to as the Pure Ceylon Tea. Name derived from owners sons names
11 (4,4) British titled brand famous for its Breakfast version.
13 (8) Which Brand has Tea, Tissue and Cooking Oil Too
14 (2,5 ) Ceylon brand tea with a swan as logo.
15 (5) A ‘Highly Praised” popular name of a male person in the Region

1 (8) Popular in sample assortment of 48 varieties and clue is : it is not a Single
2 (6,5) Brand endorsed by Famous South Indian Star MohanLal
3 (3,5) Brand made famous by the Indian romantic historical site.
4 (7) Every person who drinks tea belongs to this doesn’t matter where you are. The name
also has Tea as apart of its pronunciation.
6 (6,4) The streamed (Stream here is water ) Red label or 3 roses and loved forever
8 (4) Famous Hypermarket brand in the UAE.
12 (5)Name itself keeps us fresh in Hindi/Urdu

Post Session Reporting

Those of you encouraged me to go for it and do the Crossword quiz on an audio platform in #ChaiKarakWithShambavi ☕️.


Those who joined in the session


Those who participated and had fun with me

⏩⏩⏩ ♾️ THANK YOU to the power of Infinity

🏁 A Crossword Quiz is different from a normal quiz because the spellings have to be correct to fit in and that can be a challenge with Brands.

🏁 15 Across and 12 Down was tricky because of that.

🏁 I did try to incorporate a timer however we were having so much fun that we forgot about it midway.

🏁 Community is lot about sharing and caring so all cheating was allowed.

🏁 Additional time and clues were given on the spot to ensure we got maximum answers.

🏁 Participants busy at work and only listening also jumped in to speak and give answers.

I tried

💪Something New,

🧐 Learnt from the process,

🏃‍♀️ Pulled it off,

🤩Got some amazing feedback to do more.

Now for those who missed the session and still want to check out the Quiz.

The link is in comments to test your brand knowledge and solutions. You can have fun and print it too.

Dont forget to give me a feedback.



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