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Do you know how to Sell and Knock down the boundaries using WIPES ?

Knocking on doors for cold leads can be done with politeness and understanding what the customer wants.

✊ Knock ✊ Knock !
1⃣ Who is there ?
⛔It is I

1⃣ Who I?
⛔ I who can help clean up your act and tell you how to do your business.

1⃣ How do you know my business?
⛔ ⛔I don’t, so what , I can still tell you how to do it and why I am the one to help you make that career change ( never mind if you are retired) or tell you how to write content ( so what if you are a published writer ) or tell you anything which you want or don’t want. My business is to tell you about your business without understanding what yours is 😳.

😞Sometimes in my gut I know the minute I accept the request I will receive an auto message in the inbox telling me why I need certain services.

Did they not tell you to ‘Ditch the Pitch’, while engaging with your audience?

It does not appear to make any difference how many meetings, trainings, books, lessons you underwent telling you not to pitch but the minute you think there is an interesting lead the temptation is to do it.

Any selling should start from a premise of Wooing, Interacting, Pleasing, Exploring and then finding Synergies

This image is indicative of the WIPES model proposed by the author to communicate with the customer.
WIPES model
and finding
WIPES Model : Strategy to create great customer relationship before selling.

(WIPES Model I came up with it 😂)

Let us do this again now
💡 Knock ✊ knock
1⃣ Who is there ?
💡It is I
1⃣ Who I?
💡I who would like to know you and learn from you? (Wooing stage)

1⃣ Sure, Pleasure, but why me?
💡 I viewed your profile and am impressed with your skills/qualifications/ varied experience anything which is suitable (Interacting )

1⃣ Oh Sure is there anything I can help you with?
💡 Yes Please, you appear to be an Expert in this area can you guide me? (Pleasing )

1⃣ Sure read this book/ look at this article or join me for a coffee/tea/ online meet.
💡Great to know you can you share more about how you do this specific task and I was wondering if you had explored these opportunities. (Exploring)

1⃣ Well I hadn’t thought with that perspective .Can you suggest more?
💡 Yes definitely I can help with this strategy which you can choose to implement in these various three options over a timeline of so many months.(Synergies).

1⃣ What is all this going to cost me?
💡 It is not about cost, instead it is about what you will save , this is an investment into yourself. I can share few case studies/ testimonials with you. Please feel free to check in the market the pricing, however because over a period of time I understand you, I could help you serve your clients efficiently, however the choice is yours.

😃 😃 Now I feel valued that you gave me importance, and took time to understand me, so though you are priced higher I know I can trust you and  depend on you to help me do my job better .

🥊 Let us knock down the boundaries 🥊.

This whole process could take you 6 days, six weeks or 6 months.

Depends on the customer readiness and need.

Let the customer be the decision maker of When, Where, Why, and How.

What other Models do you use or recommend for selling.

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