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Integrated Marketing Communication

Revision Final IMC


1 Media such as online social and mobile media that allow conversations between companies and customers are said to be ________
4 A media is a specific TV program , newspaper, magazine or radio station program.
5 The number of times a person is exposed to an ad.
6 The way various types of media are strategically combined to create an impact.(5,3)
8 The percentage of the media audience exposed at least once to the message in a specific timeframe.
10 A plan that imposes order and creates an arrangement that is aesthetically pleasing.
12 This happens when all the messages work together to create a coherent brand perception.
13 Sketches or shots of scenes in a commercial
15 A strategy used to intensify before a buying aperture and reduced to lower levels until it reopens.
16 ________ communication occurs when it’s passed rapidly through a network of friends.
18 _
______ media are channels controlled by the organization and that carry branded content.
19 The marketing technique that uses novel ways in order to boost sales or customer interest.
20 A process where the planner uses a comparable effort such as prior brand campaign, to predict a logical goal.


2 media are channels where brand communication is spread by outsiders.
3 The way messages are delivered to the audiences
4 A process that copywriters and art directors engage in to gauge what the finished ad might look like.

7 One person’s opportunity to be exposed one time to an ad.
9 Contact points that touch emotions are called _ points

11 __ marketing invites consumers to sign up for messages and self-select into a brand’s target market. 14 Which model of effects describes how and why consumers react to advertising?
17 An imprint used for immediate identification of a brand or company.

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