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Give or Take a Few

An image indicating a hand giving and a giver and a hand receiving with a heart. Give or Take a few

Should you be a giver or a taker?

In our organizations and communities, we often talk about the importance of being a giver. But what does that really mean? And is it always the best approach? Today, let’s explore the idea of giving and taking, and see if we can find a healthy balance between the two.Β 

Being a giver means having a giving attitude and approach to life. A giver doesn’t just give out of generosity, they also share their knowledge and wisdom with others. They often serve as resources for others and view requests as an opportunity to help. Givers are often skilled in the art of negotiating and understand the benefit of reciprocity. In contrast, being a taker means wanting something for nothing.

 A taker chooses to take without offering anything in return. They usually do not have the same sharing nature that comes associated with being a giver, instead opting to use requests solely for their own personal gain, never forwarding it on or helping other people within their network who may benefit from it.

It is often beneficial to think of ourselves as either a giver or a taker. If we choose to be a giver we can bring action, help and kindness into our lives and that of others. Giving of ourselves through volunteering, taking action in our communities, or simply helping someone out when they need it, are all great qualities of being a giver that can lead to positive outcomes.

On the other hand, if we choose to be a taker then this may lead us down the path of self-seeking and greediness. Taking action toward taking advantage of someone else’s misfortune or constantly expecting others to do all the work for us are all action associated with being a taker which can ultimately have negative consequences.

Becoming more giving or more taking can vastly improve the quality of your life many-fold. Taking action towards this goal requires a thoughtful, proactive approach. Start by analyzing what areas you could use some help in, and focus on these first. When giving to others, try to identify where and how you could support them most effectively without overstepping boundaries.

For becoming more taking, look for small opportunities for assistance from friends and family that won’t be too burdensome to ask for. With a little bit of effort each day, it is possible to foster healthier relationships with yourself and others.

As we move to 2023 and it is a time for reflection on personal and professional fronts with more collaborations, and growth in networking and communities let us decide here to be takers instead of givers.

Let us commence with what not to give.


πŸ›‘ Do not give forward messages of offers / resumes which you have not checked for credibility

πŸ›‘ Do not give requests out for help all the time, then ghost the group till it is time for the next request.

πŸ›‘ Do not give messages of your offers and tell people to share it without giving them any context.

πŸ›‘ Do not give feedback about a product/service without trying on hearsay.

πŸ›‘ Do not give offers/special prices to people who have already purchased your products. ( seriously hurts the customers sentiments, you did not bother to keep track of their activities).

πŸ›‘ Do not Give requests for voting for you, your kith ,your kin and your neighbour without providing context.(If you/they are participating in an event which means the world to them, then please share from the beginning so the community can cheer for you and your dear ones).


βœ… Take time to appreciate others’ wins and celebrations.

βœ… Take time to thank your group/community /network wishing you for any small or big win.

βœ… Take time to give credit to others when inspired, motivated and sharing their content.

βœ… Take time to reflect that you are helping without expecting returns.

βœ…Take time to connect people who may be able to help each other or collaborate.

Last but not the least and the most Important.

βœ… Take the Efforts to be Inclusive in your TAT –

“Thoughts, Actions & Text”.

After analyzing these  please mull over again. 

The bottom line is that if you want to get ahead in life, it’s better to be a giver. But there are times when it can be more beneficial to be a taker.

Share in the comments what you plan to give and what you plan to take in 2023 and beyond.





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