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Have you dropped the R from the CRM and lost the Relationship component?


When people ask can Machines replace humans I always say No!

Machines can never replace humans because they cannot exhibit empathy and sympathy or infact any emotion.

Scenario 1: Try calling the customer help line of a very popular telecom provider and after a lot of haggling the IVR will tell you it could have helped you better ( is not funny that it is a lady’s voice) You feel stupid and no customer wants to feel that.

Scenario 2 : The school fees has been paid and you keep getting reminders that if you haven’t paid pay up, if you have ignore. So the auto mail set up by the school is being ignored by their own department who have no time to check which parents did pay up. Constant reminders you start wondering which quarter fee is this,did your cheque go through and various other nightmarish situations including the school new session is starting and your child has no seat.

Scenario 3 : You joined a course and paid up for it. You keep receiving offers from the same provider for the same course ,telling you why you should join and pay up quickly. If the provider was following the lead conversion would you be receiving this mail. More important do you really need the clutter in your mailbox and then the companies complain that no one pays attention to email.

Scenario 4 : You as a customer follow social media of favourite companies. Look at positive reviews and keep purchasing. Company is growing and increasing their product portfolio thanks to dedicated /loyal customers like you. Now the communication has become one way with no time for responding to your complaints/ concerns . The company is so busy reflecting in their halo effect with no time to look into the symptoms.Even worse if the company is into services.

I am sure there are more additions to these scenarios.

Let us stop here now and look at actions which can be taken by the company.

Just as you set up the reminders, take a few minutes in your daily/weekly/monthly schedule to check the list of customers with various requirements- whether to sign up with you, pay their dues or subscribe to your newsletter and continue the relationship in CRM

Check your social media including LinkedIn you don’t have to respond then and there however keep a note , back track your process and create a general post on how you have revamped and thank your customers and continue the relationship in CRM. Accepting your mistakes just makes you a bigger , better organization than one who is wearing blinders.

For a small fee/product/service, have your customer do some mystery shopping on your behalf. Maintain the Relationship in CRM

Have another customer track your social media and report every complaint, review and act/react depending on what needs change. Don’t leave it unaddressed. Maintain the Relationship in CRM.

Pick up the R from Customer Relationship Management.

Automation is to help not substitute Humans . More help needed to audit your CRM then drop a comment or message me.



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