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Hi Welcome to XYZ Company. Can I have your email ?


Hi Welcome to XYZ Company.
Can I have your email ?

This within 5 secs of logging on to the website which I clicked Voluntarily with a link in a newsletter.

No the chatbot doesn’t know that , though somewhere in the background the analytics is working on when the email came into my box, when I clicked, which product did I seek, how much time I spent on the page (maybe even each section).

This is actually NOT my focus today.
In continuing with my Customer Relationship Management (CRM) series of ‘Have you Dropped the R from the CRM’ this is article 2.

Hi Welcome to XYZ Company.
Can I have your email ?
How difficult is it to set the statement to :
How may I help you?

Or would you like some help or just browse.
Let me know when you need help.
And then maybe, May I have your phone number if you would like to speak to someone or email to assist you with more details of products you want.
Even I noticed you are searching for this product ,these are on offer for this week.

The value/ benefit is endless provided you want to provide it.

You have subtly given the control of the conversation to the customer and still steering them towards retaining them on the website and as a customer.

You are adding value to them instead of just acting like a database collection center to shoot your next set of email/newsletters/ offers.

It doesn’t make any difference if you are a big company/ brand/platform you have to value the customer and the customer should feel valued emotionally and functionally.

So while you are providing them functional benefits take care of them emotionally too and retain the Relationship in the Customer Relationship Management.
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