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How is your WBC? Owned media

How is your WBC? owned media

How is your WBC?
As a component of Integrated Marketing communication for your Brand you can use Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned media.

Paid Media is in your control but the returns of that may or not be in your control.
Earned media, well who can say when and if it will go Viral or be shared.
The Owned media however is in your control.
To start with Owned media your
Website : does it communicate to your stakeholder audience ? Where does it stand on AIDA model? Is there a Call to Action?
Brand personality : How does your brand come across? Is it fun loving, dependable, approachable, sporty and any other important parameters you want to go by.
Corporate Presence Media : Do you have a meeting room in your office? Does it have a name? If YES great and if NO then WHY Not? You OWN it , you can name it , keep endorsing your ethos, your founder, your values anything you want to. Single room, Single Owner, that’s fine. Mark a Chair, call it the Thinking Chair, or Left -Brain chair or anything and use it to endorse yourself.
There are other components of Owned Media you can use.
Go ahead and Own it.
Audit your WBC



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