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Are you a new puppy/dog parent?


  5  rules for family : You are all together in this remind yourself every day.

  1. Don’t make your Pet choose you in the family by petting too much or giving extra treats. Those don’t really work plus create stomach upsets. Read Rule 2 below.
  2. If your Furbaby has Peed, Pooped or Thrown up don’t shout. The  pet  is already feeling bad and cannot understand your anger. Whoever sees the PPT [Pee, Poop, Throw-up] will clean. It is your family Dog remember?
  3. Your pet needs time to get used to the food, the environment and you. Give small quantities of food and let them finish and give more. They also have likes and dislikes. Don’t go overboard because if they are hungry they will eat.
  4. Your Pet needs its ’ME’ time so if you call and it doesn’t come to you or to your friends it is OK. Let it be.
  5. Your pet can sense your love and is waiting to be told how to love you so set boundaries if the sofa or bed is a no -no ,then be consistent.
Dog and family

P.S. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat/drink anything it is always good to maintain hygiene.

5 Rules for Pet’s Dad

  1. You need to keep your slippers and everything else safe. Your pet will chew your stuff specifically to show his/her love for you.
  2. Don’t feed the baby under the table. The whole family knows and objects.
  3. Your dog greets you with an energetic wag and bark filled with cheerful gusto however Do not come into the house calling it’s name unless you are sure the wife is out.
  4. You cannot train the dog to switch off lights so please do that Yourself but do train the dog to Sit, stay, shake paw and rollover for a good belly rub.
  5. Keep some time dedicated everyday for the dog, pet it, play with it and learn to stop when you have enough not till the dog wants to continue.

5 Rules for Pet’s Mom

  1. Do Not keep jumping from the chair every time the baby whines. {they are terrible attention seekers like the rest of the family}
  2. Teach others also to feed the Dog.
  3. Don’t let the dog get possessive about any one person in the family.
  4. When the bell rings tell the dog to go Home into the crate, close the crate and then open the door. It is for the safety of your guest and to make sure the dog does not run out of the door.
  5. These are the kids who will never grow up so keep the food, the medicines, the toys and Files related to any paperwork of the dog organized.

5 General guidelines to follow

  1. Follow vaccinations (usually annual), Frond lining and deworming ( usually once in 3 months)  or as the rules laid down by the vet.
  2. Watch out for ticks they can create very severe infections and repeated fever.
  3. Keep plastic cover with food or chip packets away as the pet can put its face into the packet and suffocate itself.
  4. DO Not USE tea tree oil fragrance it is known to be poisonous for dogs.
  5. Keep the nails clipped as bigger nails can get stuck somewhere to hurt the dog.

 5 rules for HR managers who have employees with dogs.(can be substituted for any pet)

  1. Consider giving ‘pawternity’, (yes there is a term like that) leave to employees who bring new pets home ( specially those employees who do not need maternity or paternity leave)
  2. Pet sickness is as real as kids falling sick so please keep that in mind.
  3. Give some pet insurance benefits, specially if the family does not need education/health benefits for children.
  4. Give employees bonus/ vouchers which would include their pet for staycation or holidays.
  5. Give people time off to grieve their pets if necessary. The pet is their family after all.

P.S. Bring your pet to work day can always be fun and inclusive.

The Pet Life.

It is almost guaranteed you will outlive your pet so spend as much time as you can and love the pet as much as you can. All they want is love and what they give you is unconditional love and loyalty for life.

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