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In a pickle ? A Spicy, Tangy Affair.

Image of a pickle

In a pickle:

Redefining marriage

Redefining parenthood

Redefining step moms

Redefining mothers in law

Redefining ‘ready for marriage’

Redefining personal comfort and space (not giving away spoilers)

Redefining sibling relationships

Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd did all that. 

Reaffirm need to educate (girls and boys)

Reaffirm women empowerment  

Reaffirm positioning of hand -made products

Reaffirm  need to brand

Reaffirm good packaging 

Reaffirm power of tag line 

Reaffirm the need to define emotional value of the product

Reaffirm Power of Pyramid Marketing 

Reaffirm Power of Ask 

Reaffirm Power of Trial

Reaffirm Power of Sampling 

Reaffirm power of local community and media 

Reaffirm retaining a sense of mystery 

Reaffirm the need to do competitor analysis

Reaffirm the language and context for the customer in the series and the viewing audience of the series. 

These were right on spot in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Branding lessons 

Adding spice and all things would be nice :

Bad mouthing the competition never helps 

Spoiling another’s product to create a market for yourself is absolutely  NO NO!!

Some things border on ethical lines and one must be careful, specially to avoid being sued for defamation if nothing else.

A license procuring process shown would make it more legit and credible but that maybe is something for season 2 since this was referred to as season 1

A little more attention to hygiene while tasting, considering, pickle can get spoiled.

Gloves or Spoon while mixing the pickle when the hand was wounded could have actually worked more in favour while emphasizing to the end customer the precautions taken.

So one can come back with well that is what actually happens on ground but the TV and Movies can help change behaviour e.g. wearing a seat belt/ helmet, so why not from the pickle too.

Unfortunately my Non Hindi/Urdu understanding friends may not watch this ever, however the lessons are same for one and all.

The series is on Zee5 for those who want to watch it.

The storyline might not be new but the perspective definitely is.

 The acting and character portrayal of each character is detailed and efficient.

One more ticked off the list and now ready for the next.



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