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Management Basics 1

Management Basics 1


3 _____________ business environment comprises of the political, economic, regulatory, tax, social and cultural, legal and technological environments.
5 The general environment or __________ environment is all those forces affecting the organization indirectly.
6 __________responsiveness is the ability of a corporation to relate its operation and policies to the social environment in ways that are mutually beneficial to the company and the society.
8 ___________are the organizations in the same industry or type of business providing goods and services to the set of customers.
9 Research shows the workers with the high level of competencies____________, training increase the overall performance of the organization.
10 __________ are the peoples and organizations who provide raw material the organization uses to produce its output.


1 The ___________ environment is inclusive of government regulations laws, policies and activities designed to influence organizational in an indirect way.

2 ____________ society where many organized groups represent various interests.

4 _______________ are the final purchasers of a good or service.

7 The ____________ environment is inclusive of those sectors that have a direct working relationship with the organization.

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