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News papers, Sustainability and Choices we can make to Create an Impact.

Picture of Rubber band which is used to roll the newspaper everyday.

We buy a hard copy of Newspaper. ?.

I have lot of opposition at home however I continue to buy the hard copy of the News paper.

I have many reasons. ?

? I feel very happy that some people remain employed because I contribute in a miniscule way to the publisher ( that could include the paper delivery person ).

? I very firmly believe that online you have to search for the news but here it is handed over in a platter rather paper and as I often quote myself, you can choose to convert that information into knowledge by keeping a cut out or a scanned photo.

? There are small snippets of information which would never be available on the online version.

? There are cute, funny, timely comic strips which make me laugh and tempts me to scan and share with like minded people.

? I enjoy reading the celebrity news and movie information which may or may not be available online unless I search for it.

? I do have a certain whinge?

? The paper used to come in a plastic cover however that has stopped.
? What continues to accompany the paper is this rubber band shown in the picture below.

? Now I can use 1️⃣, ? or ? but how can I use 365 * as many years of subscription? ?.

? When the publisher claims they sell so many copies does it also not indicate the number or rubberbands being distributed *365.

? I take this opportunity to request the publisher to ask the reader to handover once a month this rubberband back to the delivery guy so we can rotate it.

? This would not only save cost to the publisher but it would also contribute in a big way to sustainability and our Mother Earth ?

? Small actions can have big impact.

? Let us do our bit.

? The nay sayers to this post can help find other solutions.



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