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Observation -Market Research


Observation is a method very often used by researchers and organizations.
Retail: The position on the retail shelf , in the retail shelf is always important.
Does the person pick up the first row?
Which colours are more interesting in which brand categories?
Does the consumer pick up a pack from the front, read the label, or try it out and then pick up the product from behind the shelf to the cart- particularly in case of perfumes /deo sprays.
Toys: Toy manufacturers particularly use observation methods as their consumers cannot explain to them what they like about the product.
The company observes how the children play, which colours they like, how they store and use the motor skills.

Pets: Pets is other category where you observe the pet itself. It need not be a toy; it could be a bed, water fountain.
How does the Pet approach it, does the pet sniff, pretend it is not there ,ignore it for days and then reach out for it, grab from you or is distinctly moving away from it.

Observing pets and their behaviour is leading to Dogs identifying people with Coronavirus which is an important asset now for many.

Watching DIY sewing tutorials many times I have observed the tutor saying many things, however additionally the tutor, doing few tips, tricks, hacks which the person is not even aware of. There is a reason why it is called Do it Yourself I suppose.

Let us Focus on our brand, communications or both as brand communication.
People are constantly observing .
Do I reach on whats’s app or Tag you in social media only when I am offering something which I would like you to consume- not necessarily pay for it, consume as in a video, a post, share with friends because it adds value to me.
What value do I add to you?

Who decided what is value to you?

Let us Observe and keep in mind people are observing us.
Reach out to people for things they value: their family, their health, their happy occasions. As a company with email, sms, or any other method just say are you fine, without a promo, selling attached to it.
Reach out with your communications to those people and in the process you may make a chain of network/customers of people observing you.




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