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Do you really need Personal hashtags ?

The Image is of a hashtag and a book and with hashtag symbol. asking audience to Find your personal hashtag.

Very often I am asked why do you really need a personal hashtag. Is it not enough to use trending hashtags. Let us remind ourselves that trending hashtags are also created by people for a purpose /passion or a cause they believe in.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content on social media?

Two months back in a poll created by me on LinkedIn more than 50% people, out of 15 who voted said they would like to explore personal hashtags options. In the Female Fusion Facebook Paid Circle group around 48% , out of 37 votes,18 voted to say they would like to explore. These was an indication that people are not clear on why they should use personal hashtags.

This is my very personal opinion that if you can create some content which is original then you must attribute it to yourself like a signature on a painting or author name on an article or book.

The value of that signature may or may not be much today but it definitely identifies the origin.

Having a personal hashtag means you can be identified in the virtual space easily even by those who do not have social media profiles and may not be on the specific social media platform where you create your content. Personal hashtags also contribute to your personal branding. It is a part of your owned media in your control.

For those who are new to the concept of owned media please read on others can jump to the next section.

Owned media

Owned media refers to channels of communication and content that an organization has complete control over, such as its website, blog, email newsletter list, social network profiles, and any other content it produces. It is the most direct way for a business to communicate with its customers or prospects. By owning these channels, a company can create content that is tailored specifically to their target audience and ensure that the desired message reaches them.

This type of owned media also allows for greater control over how the audience engages with the content. Through owned media, companies are able to build relationships with their customers by providing valuable information or exclusive deals. This can help increase customer loyalty as well as brand recognition.

I personally advice people on how to use owned media considering entrepreneurs have very low budgets for marketing. Using their owned media to optimum use gives them an opportunity to be visible where they want to be and create a repository of credible information as well.

It also helps them track their progress, their growth and feel good about their achievements or do necessary corrections with timely interventions.

Personal hashtags is an easy form to adapt and use owned media

Find your Personal Hashtag Workshop

The ‘Find your PH” workshop, helps individuals, organizations easily manage and navigate their online presence. Personal hashtags can be used to keep track of all your posts and make it easier to find them in an otherwise chaotic digital world. Personal Hashtags allow you to create a personalized “index” for yourself that never gets lost or forgotten because you created it with a purpose.

❓Why do I plan a workshop on creating personal hashtags ?

1. While you may plan to create some personal hashtags on your own ,this workshop will help you brainstorm with another person or few other people to start you off.

2. The workshop will push you to start the process of thinking of personal hashtags and suitability of using appropriately.

Personal hashtags to track all types of media.

 With the personalized hashtag system, someone can search for “#YourName” and get back results related solely to you – whether its photos, blog posts, videos or more. You’ll also be able to quickly recall relevant conversations without having to sift through endless streams of data. It’s perfect for anyone looking for simple ways to maintain control over their online perception without sacrificing productivity or privacy! The best part of hashtags is your audience need not be on any specific social media or even have a profile to access your content.

 Sign up now for the “Find Your PH’, Find your personal hashtag using the calendly link.

 Explore an apt personal hashtag for yourself.

Learn how personal hashtags can revolutionize your life while creating a space for you in the virtual premise!

Investment -Pay what you want $.

It is also a pay what you want Workshop so use the opportunity to pick more tips while working on the personal hashtags.

❓Why will it be a pay what you want workshop ?

1. Some personal hashtags people can create easily without too much struggle.

2. Some people at the end of it may still not use the personal hashtags or see the value in it , which I fully respect.

January workshop followed by a workshop on last Monday of every month

Find your personal hashtag PH with a notebook date 30.01.2023 at 1500 hours on Teams.

This 30.01.2022 at 3 pm Dubai Time Join in a Teams meeting.

(Download teams before the session to help you use the 60 minutes of the workshop Optimally).

Importance of being Inclusive

I am also going to share some information helping make your PH and content Inclusive.

⭐️ If after reading this post you decide to create your personal hashtag go ahead and share in comments.
⭐️ If you created a personal hashtag in the past because I pushed you to it, then please do share in comments.

Testimonial 1

Ashley here is sharing a testimonial on his experience using personal hashtag

Ashley Regenass is a very successful entrepreneur and a marathon runner.

He posts regularly to track his goals in running and syncs with business goals.

A casual conversation with him gave him the idea for his personal hashtag helping him keep track of his specific posts.

Testimonial 2

This is a testimonial from Nisha Sanjeev Founder of purpose path that she found the find your PH personal hashtag workshop useful.

Nisha Sanjeev is a published author and is founder of Purpose path.

She was using a few hashtags earlier and wanted more clarity on certain concepts. We worked them out in a workshop in November.

Thanks Nisha for letting me put this out here.

Testimonial 3

Lalitha is an exceptional entrepreneur and artist apart from being a nutritionist. Each of her personal hashtags reflects all areas of her work.

We saw amazing results in terms of engagement and interaction, once we figured out the content strategy and appropriate hashtags for Lalitha.

From then it has been upwards and onwards. Thanks Lalitha for this well made testimonial.

Why wait more? Join Now

Sign up with the calendly link.

Pay what you want at the end of the session.

See you there with a mindset ready for New Personal Hashtags.

You can also choose to Find your USP before this workshop using the Link

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