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YOU & YOUR Brand

YOU & Your Brand.

Finding your USP

A Free Consultation to define 
your USPs.

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/ 22 mins

Define what a business USP is

Identify the components of a business USP

Develop a strategy for creating a business USP

Create a plan for promoting your business USP

Evaluate the success of your business USP

Marketing Magic

Bridge the gap between customer expectations and business performance.

$ 799

1 Business/ 2 team members

Marketing Basics

SWOT Analysis and Applications

External Environment Analysis

Growth Development Strategies

Product Portfolio Assessment

Study of Customer Involvement and Risk

Competitor Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis related to marketing

Channel Analysis in new digital age


Promotion Elements

The Spectrum Special

All you need to position your brand and business where it belongs.

$ 1,599

All Marketing Magic Features

Time Management

Presentation Skills

Mind Mapping techniques

Qualitative Market research

Positioning studies

Improve your conference engagements

Feedback Techniques

Add Interactivity to your training material

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis is a business tool that helps you evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business.

Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, whereas opportunities and threats are external factors. The point of a SWOT analysis is to identify both sets of factors that could affect your business. By studying the information, you can then develop strategies to take advantage of strengths or opportunities while minimizing threats or weaknesses.

What is a USP?

in business, the USP is the “unique selling proposition”. it is the thing that makes you different from your competitors, and therefore deserving of customers’ attention. it’s supposed to be both something interesting and easy for a customer to understand.

A USP can take many forms: it might be a product feature or benefit, an entire service offering, a particular value proposition (such as “service with a smile” or a price that is “twice as cheap”), a way of doing business or a combination.

What are Mind Mapping techniques?

Mind Mapping is a powerful thinking & learning tool that helps you visualize your thoughts, memories, goals and ideas. It uses visual imagery to enhance creativity and memory – making it an excellent study aid. By converting words into pictures Mind Mapping can help reduce the amount of time needed to solve problems while increasing comprehension during the process.

What is competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis is a way to gain a deeper understanding of the key strengths and weaknesses in your market space. It helps you to identify opportunities, understand market dynamics and contributes to better strategic decision making. Competitor Analysis uses different sources for collecting intelligence on your competitors such as public databases that contain information about companies’ financials or business intelligence tools that gather information from your competitors’ websites.

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