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Where is the C-Customer in the CRM ?


Today I acted totally entitled.
Did I feel bad about it ?
No I felt entitled.
I took my car for servicing at the exact time proposed by the service company which is agency by the way.
I sat in my car and waited 10 minutes to enter the premises blocking the road.
Next 10 minutes I sat in the car for someone to attend to me, as usually service people will step up to you and also I was told by the staff to wait to be attended to as it was my personal car.

Then I see a service staff who responds that he is in charge of only a specific model ( read that as very high end ?).

So I park my car with hazard on and run into the offices.
My good luck and his bad luck the manager’s office is right at the entrance.
I asked him to help with my very ‘cheap‘ car and personal and not corporate car service ?.
He said immediately ‘ no no please you are important to us and your car is not cheap‘.

I thanked him for the reassurance. He swiftly got up from his seat and asked a person to help me.
The service person immediately stepped up to help me, took the service request in under 3 minutes.

Next I am entitled to a taxi ? voucher which I collected.
I stood outside at soaring temperatures and there was no taxi.
Well, there were taxis but my voucher was meant for a specific type of taxi which was not taxiing ? on that road.

I asked a staff there and he said just wait maybe some taxi will turn up.

I asked him is there a phone number we can call ?

He said No!!
As I am a conscientious citizen I went back into the service center to handover my voucher for someone else to benefit.

The manager again jumped up ,came out with me , called some taxi guy whose number he has and tried his very best to coordinate. I told him this is not your job. He was very sweet and said it is my job to help.

To make a very long story short there was no Taxi.

I walked a bit in the sun, used my phone app , got a taxi and came home :

Disillusioned &

Now ?

? Whose responsibility is it to guide the car to the spot ?

? Whose responsibility is it to accept the car for service?

? Whose responsibility is it to ensure proper taxis are available considering they knew there was a booking and I was on time too ? (The fare by the way was less then $5).

Are corporate clients more important because there are no individuals paying for the car, service or accessories?
Apart from few features what would have synched the deal, would be the price ?which the car company would have lowered.

? Strange that I choose the car , I pay for my car for the amount they quote me , I treat it like my family member ( my husband would say he treats his car like his wife ??), and then when I take for servicing get treated like a second rate citizen? who is ‘also‘ there.

What happened to “customer service”, did the definition and acronym change to “corporate service”?

I almost forgot in all this mayhem I tried to call someone to collect my car from me and just now after three hours I receive a call, asking why I called ?.

I will continue to take my car ?to the same agency not because I am in a service contract, which they tried to tempt me with even today , but because when I sell my car there is a very high likelihood that the staff there will purchase my car as they are familiar with the history apart from the fact that I take care of it as a legacy not just another car.

Why does the manager have to do jobs which is not actually in his job description?

What happened to the customer relationship management and customer service training which is a part of any and every organization ?

What happened to the staff who should feel passionate about their work and the customers and feel empathy if nothing else ?

What happened to customer delight?

I choose to act entitled . ?



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