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Which one to use? Heartiest or Heartfelt ?

An image with a book and pen with text saying yours sincerely.

#1 Heartiest vs Heartfelt – in Context of Condolences.?

Innumerable times I have come across this specific gaffe.

[Gaffe by the way is an unintentional remark or blunder causing embarrassment to the originator according to the web version of Oxford meaning].

? Heartiest and Heartfelt need not mean the same.

While for happy occasions both can be used, For Sad ?occasions only heartfelt should be used.

?Heartiest means happy, loud, vigorous and synonyms are cheerful, joyful and similar.

?Heartfelt on the other hand can be used for happy occasions as appreciation, gratitude and for Heartfelt condolences. 

⚠️ Be aware that though both are from the heart the context is different. 

⚠️ Be aware that your ai on the phone could complete the word without realizing the context.

The condolences put out on social media is being read by more people than you know. You don’t really want to convey ‘????????? ???????????’, to anyone and definitely not in public ?.

Language is all about context.

Use it with care. 

“yours sincerely”,  is a service I offer. Details are here :

Celebration or a Condolence a Heartfelt ?message is important.

Your writing skills are excellent however your emotions are highly strung.

In happiness and sadness you don’t know where to begin and in the process you may actually shirk sending the message.

?You need to send your secretary or your business partner a written note with the gift you planned for them. The happy emotions are there but the appropriate words….. are missing.

? Your colleague got the promotion you were expecting and you have to send a message without appearing petty or disappointed.

? Your colleague has lost a dear one and needs your support.

? Your best friend and neighbour is moving to another country and though you may miss them you have to choose happy words to say goodbye with a smile.




To help you choose those words I am starting a new service ‘????? ?????????,’

You can use it or recommend me to a friend.

The emotion is yours, the words are yours , the context is yours and the writing ✍️ is mine, ‘yours sincerely,’.

If you need help give me a shout or a whisper.


P.S. Next post is on two words starting with in……

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