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Why & How of IMC in Branding, Rebranding & Packaging

The Baskin Robbins logo has been in discussion for a while now and yesterday I could not stop myself from taking this picture of the ice-cream truck near the Big Bad Wolf Sale in Dubai.

Now the logo on this truck is neither here nor there if you know what I mean with the original logo and new one of Baskin Robbins.

The rules of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) are being overlooked.

The next set of photos is the Subway. Can you figure out which way is it going?

When they moved to the green you knew it was in alignment with the fresh and veges but with this orange it is neither here nor there.
I asked the employee at the store and he had no idea why the change.

2 lessons: ?

1️⃣ If you are making a change then inform everyone at all touch points including put up a digital board with the Why and How.
2️⃣ Once you have decided to change then make the change consistent and everywhere following IMC guidelines.

I can hear the naysayers ‘why fix things until they are broken’ and the pro – sustainability camp ‘think of all the waste being generated’ :

…..the list is somewhat endless.

While I do not justify wastage what I would say is if you need to differentiate and compete in an ever growing market , then along with the product portfolio you need to work on the branding too.

If the trade off is continue providing employment then ‘change is good and the only constant’.

I wish to delve a little into the past when Tropicana juices changed the package and were so badly bashed up by their customers that they reverted to the earlier one. Now apart from a whole lot of money and which was wasted there were one camp which said Tropicana should not have gone back to their previous package. The reason for change was seeking new customers which they got and the old customers would have adapted in a few days keeping in mind it is the content of the package which they love and not the package itself.

Talking of packaging I cannot let go without discussing Tang.
After 5️⃣0️⃣ fifty years they changed their package from tin to plastic. One of their core reasons being tin cuts into the skin sometimes.
Yes it took 50 years to figure that one out ?.

However is it possible now that the change makers are second guessing for ‘sustainability footprints’, was tin not a better option. Is the plastic adding on to the large pile of non or difficult to recycle pile of waste. The container doesn’t really score well on ‘reuse for other purposes’. So what was the trade off?

Everyday companies are challenged with the facts of sales numbers ??the and opinion of stakeholders. ?‍?‍?‍?

Is there enough market research done and is the research customer centric?
How have you used the power of observation?
What have you been doing today with your Owned media ?
Let me know in comments.
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