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Building Up Your Business Confidence Index

SME's in UAE
0 %
SMEs representation of total number of companies
0 %
employement provided to private sector's workforce

Yet, there is a higher belief in UAE of business sucess at 52% compared to the global average at 39%.

Confidence is great! Back it up with the right information, resources, tools, and advise.

If you’re ready to commit to your business, you’re ready to be a part of Shambavi’s spectrum.

Delve Deep Into Your Business Insights with Experience Backed by Academic Credibility alongside Dr. Shambavi Rajagopal

Best known for being a strong networker and connector of people, Dr. Shambavi wears different hats for different occassions. An academician, entrepreneur, and consultant, Dr. Shambavi is an experienced professional who promises to bring a unique perspective to your business.

As a resident of the UAE for the previous three decades, Dr. Shambavi has seen the growth and development in the UAE first-hand. Her career path has journeyed across multicultural populations, university students, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs; many of whom are based in the UAE. This built network and her professional experience makes her immensely well versed in most things UAE.

From core business efficiencies to nuanced brand positioning, Dr. Shambavi is perfectly positioned to help you grow professionally. However, to help, knowing what help is needed is important, and each business context has its own caveats. Which is why Dr. Shambavi offers a 22-minutes free discovery call – allowing you to have a proper discussion about “How Dr. Shamabavi can help you?”

Quite simply, because you’d like to do better. Business growth and development is on you, but that’s not to say you have to build a successful business alone or doing it alone brings more merit. It doesn’t. Dr. Shambavi will help you delve, discover, and deploy your vision with you. Plus, the first 22-minute discovery call with Dr. Shambavi is non-chargeable. There is nothing to lose, only wins to be earned.


Mausi Award
Women Excellence Award 2017.
SwayamSiddha Awards 2018.
Model Service Society 2018.
Capital Education Appreciation 2020.
Lions Club of Dubai Diamonds 2021.


I signed up with Dr. Shambavi Rajagopal๐ŸŒˆ to leverage my personal branding - with very little idea of what Owned media comprised. I knew it would be completely worth my time and money but what took me by surprise was the wealth of information and suggestions that came forth the discussion. Small easy yet effective ideas easily implementable (have already started working on them), efficient use my owned media and improving on other platforms using marketing strategies. Shambavi was on full throttle and we completed our 3 sessions with a wealth of to-knows and to-do's. Thank you so much for your continuing support.

Gomathi Seetharaman

I had the opportunity to work with Dr Shambavi on how to use social media and especially Linked in for promoting my profile and my business network. She was guiding me and give me a lot of tips on how to develop my linked profile and be more exposed to the industry. Dr Shambavi is very knowledgeable and supportive. I really admire how she can improve your profile in few minutes. As well she is a very nice person to work and collaborate with her. In case you need any digital support and marketing I am sure you will love her offerings.

jameela korek

Shambavi has great marketing ideas and easy to implement strategies up her sleeve. She helped me get my PH ๐Ÿ˜Š Personal hashtag #RadioWaaliCharu. Would collab with her soon to implement many more of her unique and simple ideas for my personal and business growth.

Charu Shonek

Serene and a hub of knowledge.

Najib Ashraf

Shambavi is very knowledgeable in marketing strategies and her direct organised straightforward approach was just what I needed to work on my LinkedIn profile and content publishing... I've learnt so much from her with all practical tips to actually get things done. I really appreciate her support.

Garineh Serpekian- NBC-HWC profile picture Garineh Serpekian- NBC-HWC Wellness advocate

I know Shambhavi Mam through a common community. She has a good deal of Knowledge and Expertise in the Marketing strategy. It's been a wonderful learning from you on certain aspects of LinkedIn. Thank you Mam. All the best for all your Endeavours!

Ananya Nori - The Enlivener Emotional Intelligence Coach

Had an amazing session with Dr Shambhavi on LinkedIn background. Her initiative of using left over thrash clothes to make sustainable bags is really appreciated

Commander Prabha Lall TEDx Speaker, Productivity Evangelist

Thank you so much Ma'am for sharing such useful Tips and tricks on creating LinkedIn banners using Canva. Greatly appreciate your reaching out and Training in Canva. I'm so glad for all your advice and help and look forward to more guidance. Thank you and Best wishes and Regards ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Madhavi Sood Freelance Corporate Trainer

Highly appreciate the efforts by Shambavi to educate me about how to use Canva. This is one of the greatest knowledge that I have gained. I am already using it for my creatives and can't Thank her enough for this. Also I admire her willingness to share about the other resources, that can be effectively used.

Srividhya Sridhar

For someone trying to find a direction and most importantly having an action to plan Shambavi is the person to talk to . She guided me through the process of putting a method to the madness in my head
Thank you Shambavi for a wonderful session .
PS: she will inspire you ๐Ÿ™‚

Naheed Jumani

A big thank you to shambavi mam for her guidance on how to go forward with my ergonomics awareness campaign.
She patiently listened to what my challenges are and gave various options ,tips and tricks that I can incorporate to make it reach more people.
Happy to connect...
I would highly recommend her for someone who is looking for marketing consultant.

Fazela Jhabuawala

Big Thanks to Dr. Shambavi for short but meaningful and useful consultation - straight to the point advises and ways to solve the issue I came with. Dr. Shambavi also kindly offered additional materials and resources to work with in future. Thank you!

Valentyna Khmelnytska

I spoke to Shambavi before i could start off with anything.. just with an idea in mind and no direction to move..
she helped me lay a clear path and chart out a mind map..
Thank you Shambavi. you were very helpful.โค

Anjum Arsheen

Your Growth Leads to and Comes From Your Business Growth

Doing business is not easy – and there’s no reason to make it harder. The current business age is one characterized by extreme action-bias, high digital savviness, and differentiating credible from the fake. But your business demands your time, and honestly, one doesn’t have enough time in their life to go through so much information, learn about everything, and then apply it.

Well, I’ve spent 333 years researching for 111 hours every week, and still continue to, just so you don’t have to.

All these learnings are condensed into a 3-hour a month learning plan (I am an academician after all). If you would like to stay up-to-date with the happenings of Dubai’s business world, research from academic journals, frameworks to apply for your business, or have a consultant you would like to speak to on a weekly or monthly level, you maybe interested in these.

Need Help Growing Your Business & Establishing a Strong Brand Identity?

Just like features aren’t benefits, having a business doesn’t mean having a brand. Both require careful attention and planning, lots of time and energy, and a fair degree of professionalism (depending on the nature of business, this might be low or high).

But we only have so much of these and the cost of careful attention, time, energy, dedication is a premium… and as an entrepreneur that’s a pricey premium isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. This is the main benefit of us working together. Together, we will create a system to simplify your business and brand activities, allowing you focus on the vision you want to bring to life.

How Does Consulting Work?

After you book an appointment, we will get to know each other better over a short call. Please note, this call is free and you won’t be charged for this. By the end of the call, I will give you a price in-line with the number of session and project timelines.

What Does Dr. Shambavi Charge for Consulting?

The base rates are AED 250 for 1 session, AED 700 for 3 sessions, and AED 1100 sessions. Special rates maybe provided if applicable.

The Business Game Plan | Where Business Strategy Meets Effective Tactics


AED 499


AED 599

App Based

AED 599

Building Your Business โ‰  Building Your Brand

I understand this. And people do business with people, so here’s my story:

First-born to my parents

Dad always called me Prima donna & mom always called me Geetu

Attended 13 schools in different cities

Made friends with people from all walks of life and places of life

Becoming a Post Graduate

Msc. Organic Chemistry

The Local Wedding Greeting

Married my highschool sweetheart

Landed in the U.A.E

22 years old, newly married, and ready for a new adventure.

My First Job

Market Research Executive with an Additional Sales Role

My Firstborn

My son, Advait, was born 3 weeks earlier than expected. He's currently working on his PhD. in Wharton.

Feb 1994 - Jun 2003
Early Career Progression

Conducted high profile interviews & focus groups in a multi-lingual setting.

Consulting for an Audio Book Publisher

Conducting workshops, celebrity events, and school events became my main forte.

Completing My Family

Ananya, who is currently studying design & marketing in Australia

Became a marketing faculty

From starting my own career in marketing to helping the next generation - a full circle of sorts.

Got an MBA at 41

MBA in Marketing from Manipal University, Dubai.

Moved to Dubai

After 20 years in Sharjah, I moved to Dubai with my husband. The city and its culture never ceases to amaze me!

Got a PhD at 48

PhD in Management(Marketing & Consumer Behaviour) from Banasthali Vidya Peeth

Save, Scrap, and Sew

Foray into Social Entrepreneurship

Sew A Gift

A Personalized & Customized Fabric Based Gifting Company

Got a License for Shambavi's Spectrum Marketing Management

Focus my Work to Help Bridge Academia & Industry

Got a License for Planet Tomorrow - a CSR-prep Initiative

Guide the custodians of today to protect the planet of tomorrow.

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