Hello! I am Shambavi, An Academician. A Consultant. An Entrepreneur.

I bridge the knowledge-action gap to help Individuals and Companies Grow their Business, Market share, and Brand visibility

Empowering Small, Medium Businesses in GCC & MENA Region by Applying 30+ Years of Experience

Dr. Shambavi - The Academician

• 16+ Years Teaching PG & UG
• Ph.D in Management
• Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
• Supply Chain Professional Certification
• MBA Marketing
• MSc. Organic Chemistry

Dr. Shambavi - The Consultant

• 20+ Years of Consulting Experience
• 13+ Years in Market Research
• Solopreneurs from Licensing to Branding.
• Market research freelance projects from design to delivery.

Dr. Shambavi - The Entrepreneur

• 9+ Years as an Entrepreneur
• Save, Scrap & Sew - 2015
• Sew-A-Gift - 2016
• Planet Tomorrow - 2023

A Short Message From Me to You

I have always been motivated by two words: marketing and management. They are the engines that drive businesses forward and I am passionate about both fields. I love interacting with students and sharing my knowledge, ideas, and analysis with them. It comes naturally to me, as teaching and facilitating learning is something that I am truly excited about. Plus, being able to communicate with people from all walks of life is a skill that has served me well in my 34 years of industry experience in UAE. In fact, 16 of those years were spent teaching at the university level. This gives me a unique perspective that helps me bridge the gap between academics and industrial practice.

Here's My Story, Straight From Me!

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Entrepreneurial Highlights

Save, Scrap & Sew

Save Scrap & Sew collects scrap from tailors to create utility items, like sheets, bags and pillows. Our buddies, pitch in to sort, cut, iron & sew. When we find a worthy cause, we gift the items made by us. The idea is to give without delay or hoarding, and to anyone in need.

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The Why and How of Save, Scrap & Sew

Save, Scrap, and Sew started with 2 bags of scrap and a couple of volunteers in September 2015. We use small pieces of scraps and all volunteers come together to convert the scraps into finished products once a week over two hours. These products are then given to charites and orphan homes.

In case you’d like to join, simply use the contact form and tell me about your interest and sewing skills. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew. As long as you’re willing to learn, I can teach you how to sew.

“Sewing is my hobby, and often I would spend time, sewing quilts, cushions and other daily use articles for my near and dear ones. I get a lot of satisfaction in gifting something which I have made with my own hands, and most importantly it is made with love. With Save Scrap and Sew, I could spread this feeling to other people and now the whole team shares the satisfaction of giving, while also contributing to the environment”


No, use your personal scraps to make something for yourself and your family. Old cloth can be handed as it is for somebody needy, you know personally.

We don’t know where these are going. There should be dignity in receiving also. There cannot be quality control with old clothes so we stitch new.

The scraps are very small and creating garments is time consuming and needs higher skills. One also need buttons, elastic etc. which adds to the cost.

There is no set method. Anyone can suggest a suitable entity and we follow up and gift.

The idea of taking free fabric from tailors and selling even for charitable purposes borders on ethical grounds.

If you can read this you can participate.

Sew a Gift

Sew a Gift was started to create budget friendly, fabric-based, embroidered, personalized and customized gifts. We aim to provide meaningful, relevant gifts with an impact of creating lifelong memories.

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“There is a certain happiness in planning the gift for your loved ones so message us today to discuss the gift from our hands to your heart. In emergencies ofcourse we help you adapt.”

The Why and How of Sew a Gift

Meaningful, relevant gifts create lifelong memories. This is why Sew-a-Gift was born. At Sew-a-Gift we create budget-friendly, fabric-based, embroidered, personalized, and customized gifts for all customer segments who want to gift to someone they care about.

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